Haverford College

Instructional & Information Technology Services

IITS at Haverford provides our community with consistent, sustainable, reliable and service-oriented technology resources in strategic support of the teaching, learning, research and operational success of the College. Our approach taps the common spirits of creativity, innovation, consensus and collaboration to enhance institutional effectiveness.

Announcements & Service Status

Hostgator Coupons Hostgator Happy with switch to Host Gator "How naive I must have been thinking my old hosting company was great. When the discontinued boxtrapper support, which is the only sure "bot" SPAM blocker, I switched to Host Gator. My web pages and email scripts are running so fast that I’m unable to follow some of the confirmation messages! Unlike my past hosting company that reduced allowable emails per hour when activity was high without telling anybody, (I have counters to keep track of them), Host Gator does not. In switching to them I had no problems except those induced by me not knowing something. Thus far I am very happy with Host Gator and while they don’t show on many of the "Top 10" lists, they should be. I believe they contract with "The Planet" for their infrastructure which may be one reason for their high speed performance.Hostgator Coupons