Haverford College

Instructional & Information Technology Services

Computing on Campus Today 1/27/2011

Members of the Haverford Community-

I’m writing with a few notes about using computers on campus today.

First, the IITS ProDesk is running with limited staff today. We apologize in advance for any delays in responding to requests for assistance.

Our normal services are all up and running with the following exceptions:

- There network access and working computers are not available in Whitehead Campus Center, Marshall Fine Arts Building, Woodside Cottage, Parker House, James Building and Ira Reid House due to power outages.

Because the rest of campus is currently running on generator power we suggest making sure you shut down your computers when they are unattended for any length of time, including at the end of the work day. Also, for those who are connected to battery backup devices, please heed any warnings these devices sound and if they indicate that you’ve been switched to battery backup by beeping or sounding a tone, please save your work and shut down your computer immediately.

Stay Warm and Dry!


(ps, how beautiful is this campus when it snows? Feel free to share any snow photos with me by e-mail)