Haverford College

Instructional & Information Technology Services

Statement on Windows 8

IITS Strongly advises that members of the community NOT upgrade to Windows 8.

You may have discovered that Windows 8 Beta (a.k.a. Consumer Preview) is available.  Please be advised that the ProDesk WILL NOT support Windows 8 until further notice.  Here are some reasons why:

According to Microsoft’s website, Windows 8 can cause the following issues:

  • Your PC could crash and you could lose important files.
  • Some software won’t install or work correctly, including antivirus or security programs.
  • Printers, video cards, or other hardware may not work.
  • You may have difficulty accessing corporate or home networks.  (We have not yet found a way to connect a Windows 8 system to our wireless network)

Most importantly, once you install Windows 8, you CANNOT revert back to your previous version of Windows without wiping your computer and reinstalling your operating system from your original discs.

Please be sure to spread the word.