AirServer: Wireless Projection for your Mobile Device

Did you wish you could project wirelessly from your iPad so that you can walk around the classroom and project from anywhere in the room? Starting this fall, you can do so!  After running a small pilot during the spring 2012, IITS decided to install an application called “AirServer” on all classroom iMacs. This application allows you to connect your iPad (2 or above) to the iMac, which is connected to the projector. If you want to try, follow the simple steps below.
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Please note: The password for Haverford_Private  network and the password for mirroring are the same. If you are not sure, please contact the ProDesk.

1. Launch AirServer from the doc.







If it’s the first time you’re using AirServer, the activation window will open.  Our registered email will be automatically added to the e-mail input field.  Click activate.

The AirServer icon will now appear in the menu bar.

2. Make sure that your computer’s WIFI is on and connect to the Haverford_Private  network so the AirServer stream is broadcasted to your mobile device.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.30.20 AM copy

3. Make sure that your iOS device (iPad2, iPad3) is connected to the  Haverford_Private  network.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.32.03 AM copy

4. On your iPad, bring up the control center by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the bottom of your device. Tap the Apple TV/AirPlay text, then select your classroom. Finally, toggle the Mirroring switch to ON.  A pop-up window will appear asking for a password.  Enter the same Haverford_Private password.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.12.23 AM copy

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.12.36 AM copy

5. Your iOS device will now be mirroring its display on your computer’s desktop.

6. With your device mirrored to your computer, you can now display anything from the device to a projector connected to your computer.  You can also capture you device’s image using the Panopto lecture capture software.

Please note: AirServer has trouble operating in the classrooms in Gest due to the older infrastructure.  We are working diligently to update the infrastructure to resolve this issue.

Please turn Auto-Lock off (Settings/General/Auto-Lock) on the iPad.  This will prevent the iPad from going to sleep.

AirServer Troubleshooting:
Since AirServer relies on a wireless network, there can be times when you run into difficulties due to high traffic volumes on our WIFI network.  Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you resolve some issues.  

  1. If your iPad mirror is choppy.
  • Check to see if your iPad and iMac are connected Haverford_Private (both devices need to be connected to the same network).
  • If your iPad is connected to Haverford_Private, Close AirServer on the iMac by clicking on the AirServer icon at the top of your menu bar, then selecting Quit AirServer.
  • Re-launch AirServer by locating it in the Applications folder.
  • Re-connect your iPad.

2. If the AirPlay icon does not appear on your iPad.

  • Turn the WIFI off on your iPad by visiting settings/wifi.  Toggle the Wi-Fi switch to off, then back on to have the iPad reconnect to Haverford_Private.


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  1. […] Haverford has not embraced the iPad as widely as the schools mentioned above, but we have been using it for several targeted purposes. Starting in 2010, members of the Haverford Board have had the option of reading board materials on an iPad. Meanwhile, Ken Koltun-Fromm, Professor of Religion, and Roberto Castillo, Associate Professor of Spanish & Comparative Literature, have been awarded iPads as part of a Teaching with Technology grant.  This fall Ken will have students share three iPads scattered on classroom tables, and use those to call up images or documents and project them for general discussion.  Roberto will be use an iPad to create an interactive whiteboard, and will also use it to paperlessly annotate student research “papers.” To support uses like these, Haverford has been building up our infrastructure. Every classroom computer can now project iPad displays (see instructions here)! […]

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