Using Videos in Your Courses Just Got Easier!

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This summer we added a program called Kaltura to the Haverford Moodle world.  Using Kaltura, a professor can upload a digital video to their Moodle page, much the same way they might add a PDF, photo, or other resource.

But it only gets better: Kaltura enables teachers to create “video assignments” for their students–assignments that, once completed, may be submitted via Moodle with relative ease.

Kaltura doesn’t look like much– in fact, that’s part of what’s so effective about it.  It simply resolves a shortcoming of Moodle, and using video generally: that it’s frequently a large file and sometimes cumbersome to use because of that.  With a subtle, integrated tool like Kaltura, posting and submitting video content can feel as routine as posting papers, course readings, and photographs.

For detailed instructions, visit the links below.  For a 20-second dose of entertainment, check out this video* — posted through Kaltura!

Upload Your Own Video Instructions
Assign Your Students a Video Assignment Instructions

* Some mobile devices do not display the embedded video above. If you are not able to see the above video, click here.

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