SHOW & TELL iPad Apps on Fri. Nov. 2

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This semester, Ken Koltun-Fromm, Professor of Religion, is sharing multiple iPads with his students and projecting them wirelessly using an iPad mirroring application, AirServer. This is a new way of sharing content with students; professor and students all working together with no cables or computers in between.

Prof. Ken Koltun-Fromm has been using iPad since it was first released.  So we asked him to share some of his favorite apps.

  • Productivity
    • Goodreader
      • My favorite app: I use it to read and mark up documents, view images, and I can download any document from my Dropbox, Google Docs, and Gmail accounts.
    • ZotPad
      • This app works with Zotero so I can see all my bibliographical information on the iPad.  Still not as functional as I would like, but access to bibliographical listings is still good, and I want to support efforts like this.
  • Reference
    • Articles
      • Nice app for accessing Wikipedia.  Basically the Wikipedia site packaged in an easy-to-read app.
  • Social Networking
    • Blogsy
      • Great blog app to use with iPad if you write your own blog.
  • File Storage/Sharing
    • Dropbox
      • Stores all my files to access anywhere, and it just works seamlessly.
    • Google Drive
      • Recent update makes this app very easy to use with Google docs.
  • News
    • Mr. Reader
      • I like this app to see all my RSS feeds.
    • AppAdvice
      • Another free app that informs me of new apps and offers free apps of the day.
  • Miscellaneous
    • AppShopper
      • Free app that lets me track updates to apps I already own and to mark apps that I might want to buy in the future.  Also informs me of price changes so I can perhaps wait for a sale.

Some members of the Haverford iPad community also recommended Notability. This note taking app allows you to type and/or handwrite notes.  You can also record audio from iPad internal microphone.

The ITT is organizing a Show & Tell session on iPad apps on Friday, Nov. 2nd at 12:30pm. If you want to share your favorite apps or hear what apps other faculty members are using for teaching, please join us. If you are interested, please contact ITT (

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