HyperStudio: Students Learn at Their Own Pace and in Their Own Learning Style

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This semester, Senior Lecturer, Director of Japanese Language Program, Yoko Koike’s 1st year Japanese students are learning Japanese using the materials she created using HyperStudio.

HyperStudio is a program that allows you to easily create multimedia projects that can be used for student-learning modules.

We asked Yoko why she chose HyperStudio and how her students are using to enhance their learning.

“While Powerpoint, a presentation tool, is good at making points, HyperStudio facilitates interactivity. Users can make choices as they use it.

In learning a new language, building up vocabulary is a major component. All learners need to know what each new word means, and repetition is a key for everyone. However, in order to memorize the word and internalize it to the point where one can make use of the word, it seems that for some learners, the need for listening to new words is greater and for others written words facilitate the process. Furthermore this phase takes each learner a different time, some more than others.

On HyperStudio learners can take as much time as they feel they need for each task. Whenever they feel ready, they can listen to all Japanese words on a card without being interrupted by English.

I added the recording program, Audacity, on certain HyperStudio cards in order to help my students become more aware of native-like pronunciation/intonation. By clicking on various buttons, my students listen to sounds and repeat them afterwards, with or without written texts, and record their own voices.

I use another tool, Praat, for those who need to see what their own pronunciation/intonation “looks like” in comparison to that of native speakers. 

I chose HyperStudio for my course partly because it reflects my teaching philosophy.

Audio tapes do not accommodate individual learning styles.

Unlike Powerpoint where viewers stay passive, in the HyperStudio environment, students need to actively engage in their own learning. By using HyperStudio, I hope that each student learns how he/she learns best and takes responsibility for it.”

More information about HyperStudioAudacity & Praat.

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