Say hello to your personal videographer: SWIVL!

Have you ever presented in front of an audience and have to go through the troubles of finding someone readily available to operate a camera?  Or do you find yourself wishing you were able to archive your presentation/lecture as you walk about the room?  Well ITT would like to introduce you to your new pocket-sized personal videographer: SWIVL!

video provided by SWIVL

SWIVL is a device that gives users the ability to connect a video camera to a base that will track your movements as you move about the classroom, removing the need of camera operators!  Simply clip the remote/microphone to your clothes, and SWIL will follow you as you move about the classroom.  SWIVL can be used for student presentations, guest speakers, digital storytelling and even with our lecture capture system, Panopto.

video provided by SWIVL

SWIVL can be used with users iPhone (4/4s, 5 with 30 pin/lightning adapter), iPod Touch, or handheld camcorder (FLIP, or similar).  Users can also use the Panasonic HDC-TM40 camcorder available for checkout as a stand-alone recorder, or as a USB camera when connected to any classroom iMac running Panopto.

If you’re interested in using SWIVL, e-mail the ITT Group !

For more info on SWIVL, visit SWIVL’s support page.


Recently SWIVL has successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for SWIVL 2.0, a new and improved SWIVL that will also support iPad, DSLR cameras, as well as give users the ability to control the base via a mobile device app via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity!  We think that SWIVL 2.0 will improve the number of Panopto users, strengthen the ever-growing tablet device initiative(s), as well as become a new tool for our population heavily involved in Video Production.  SWIVL 2.0 will be available to consumers Q3 of 2013.

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