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Instructional Technology Services is launching a pilot service for the Haverford Community, a new digital media platform called MediaSpace by Kaltura. MediaSpace allows faculty and departments to create private and public areas to share video work. You can think of it as Haverford’s own collaborative YouTube service.

Private areas are called Channels, which allow students to submit rough and final drafts of digital media assignments, and lets other participants in the class or group to comment on their peer’s work. Public facing areas are called Galleries, which allow people to showcase work for everyone. We have a few examples up on the site right now, courtesy of Professor Jeff Tecosky-Feldman (Math) and  his students. These are videos they produced this summer and will be used in Professor Jeff Tecosky-Feldman’s calculus course this fall. Here is his channel.

This fall, we are planning to work with a few groups and classes to test its functionality. Expect a presentation on its uses at the end of the semester. If you have any other questions about Media Space email the Instructional Technology Services:

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