Digital Media Cohort Update

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Hi everyone!

We wanted to provide an update on the Digital Media Cohort this year. We had our inaugural meeting last month, and talked over a lot of things.

First and foremost, our group discussed the technical function of the f-stop / aperture ring, the meaning behind the ISO numbers, and the point of the shutter on a camera. We looked at two different analogue cameras while discussing these concepts (one film, one photo) to better illustrate how these concepts translate to digital.

Students were also assigned readings from the book “The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video Production” by Tom Schroeppel. This was done to introduce technical concepts that cover issues of depth of field, the relationship between shutter speed and frame rate, and proper exposure.

For the next meeting, the Cohort has been asked to take 20 photos demonstrating these concepts, and will then discuss video post-production. Look for an update soon!


Here is the information for the ITC Media Production Cohort.

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