Fall 2016 Teaching With Technology – Presentation Recordings

IITS had our 24th Teaching With Technology Forum on Tuesday, December 13th. We had a good turnout: Approximately 45 faculty and staff attended the forum.

The presenter included:


Kate Heston, Instructor of Biology, “Cintiq Fantastique: using a drawing tablet, Photoshop, and QuickTime to illustrate problem-solving in genetics”

The presenter demonstrated how she has been using a drawing tablet (Cintiq 22HD Creative Pen Display), Adobe Photoshop, and QuickTime to illustrate problem-solving in genetics. Cintiq 22HD Creative Pen Display is available in the Instructional Technology Center located in Stokes 205.



Casey Londergan, Associate Professor of Chemistry, “Using Zoom (video conference system) for interviews and beyond”

The presenter discussed how he held two days worth of interview virtually using Zoom including multiple one-on-one and group interviews, and a 90-minute virtual job talk to roughly 30 guests in a lecture hall.



Bret Mulligan, Associate Professor of Classics, “iPad Pro + Apple Pencil as a teaching tool”

The presenter demonstrated how he has been using an iPad Pro, Apple pencil, and an app called “Explain Everything” in his classes.

Here is the recording of his presentation.



Erin Schoneveld, Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages & Cultures, “Digital Technology and Universal Design: New Approaches to teaching East Asian Art”

Building upon the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the presenter discussed active learning and assessment strategies that utilize digital technology to facilitate multiple means of student engagement when studying East Asian Art. In particular, she demonstrated assignment and assessment models of active learning that foreground visual analysis by engaging with new technology platforms such as BaiBoard and VoiceThread.

Here is the recording of her presentation.


Myron Gray, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, “Teaching Opera with Camtasia”

Though a beloved part of the music history curriculum, opera can bedevil teachers. The very things that make it interesting make it an unwieldy topic for the undergraduate classroom. The presenter demonstrated how multimedia software can alleviate endemic problems in opera pedagogy. Camtasia is available in the Instructional Technology Center located in Stokes 205.

Here is the recording of his presentation.



Manar Darwish, Instructor of Arabic and Coordinator of Bi-Co Arabic Program, “Audacity, Photoshop, Premiere: Experimental Exploration”

The presenter shared her experience taking the digital storytelling workshop organized by the Instructional Technology Services during the fall break.

Here is her story she created at the workshop as well as two other students’ projects.

Digital Storytelling







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