Spring 2018 Teaching with Technology Forum

Please join us for the Spring 2018 Teaching with Technology Forum!


Date: Tuesday, May 15

Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Location: Sharpless S430


  • Professor of Psychology Benjamin Le
  • Associate Professor of Classics Bret Mulligan
  • Assistant Professor of Physics Theodore Brzinski
  • Physics Lab Instructor Paul Thorman
  • Visiting Associate Professor of History, Librarian of the College Terry Snyder


Untethered Teaching and Learning

This semester, IITS introduced a new service called Haverford Sites as a part of the Domain of One’s Own initiative. This new service gives you an easy way to have your digital presence.

Join Benjamin Le (benjaminle.com) and Bret Mulligan (iris.sites.haverford.edu) to discuss Digital Presence, Digital Fluency, and Digital Agency.


Untethered Teaching and Learning

More and more faculty members are bringing their own laptops and mobile devices such as Lenovo Yoga notebooks or Microsoft Surface tablets to the classroom. Apple has also recently released a more economical version of their iPad that works with an Apple Pencil. Should we be thinking about installing a wireless content sharing system such as Mersive Solstice Pods into more classrooms to create a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment?

Theodore Brzinski and Paul Thorman will share why and how they changed the way they teach and communicate with their students using iPads & Apple Pencils and the wireless projection system. They will also discuss their future plans for the upgraded Physics lab.


Jamboard: The whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud


This semester, the libraries have been experimenting with Jamboard, an interactive whiteboard by Google.

Terry Snyder will share what she has found from using Jamboard in her class this semester.


Please come to the event and join the conversation about digital identity and the future of classroom technology at Haverford College.


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