Technology, Innovation & Pedagogy Video 

Have students ever come to your office hours confused about the material because they did not quite understand a concept discussed or may have written something incorrectly while trying to take notes and listen at the same time? This situation is what led Fran Blase (Provost & Associate Professor of Chemistry) to apply for a Teaching with Technology grant in 2011. She received the grant and worked with IITS to implement Panopto (lecture capture system) in her classes.

This short video shows the experiences of three students who are taking classes that use Panopto.

Brittany Robinson ’19, Hanna Yoon ’18, and CooroHarris ’19

Recorded lectures can be beneficial to students with diverse needs. Some students need notetakers, some want to review materials later, and some miss class. Think about the Universal Design for Learning (UDL)!

If you have any questions, your colleagues Karin Åkerfeldt (Professor of Chemistry), Lou Charkoudian (Assistant Professor of Chemistry), John Dougherty (Associate Professor of Computer Science), Rachel Hoang (Associate Professor of Biology), and Robert Manning (Professor of Mathematics) are happy to share their experiences using Panopto.

If you would like to try Panopto with your classes, follow these instructions or contact us for an appointment.

This video is a part of the T.I.P. (Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy) video series.

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